Dubai magician Kariem is the first Beatbox magician in the world!

dubai magician kariem ahmed

So you’re searching for a close-up magician in Dubai for your next event? Look no further, because Kariem is by far the coolest close-up magician in the world. With his cool looks and amazing magic combined with human beatbox, Kariem is like no other close-up magician in the world!

Dubai Close-up magician Kariem

What is close-up magic? Like the name states, close-up magic is magic performed up close. The magic happens  in between the audience and gives the people a real magical experience that they will never forget. Kariem specializes in close-up magic and is the first Beatboxing close-up magician in the world! With his great sleight of hand he can make coins appear & vanish, make small objects float and even steal your watch while you don’t even notice it! (ofcourse returning it afterwards)

Dubai Beatboxer Kariem

Kariem is the first Beatboxing magician in the world! This is a very unique combination between two art forms. Dubai magician & Beatboxer Kariem can produce up to 5 sounds at the same time with his voice only. This is the perfect combination between magic & beatbox! Beatboxing is like doing sleight of hand with your mouth. You can book Kariem for a beatbox showcase and let him do close-up magic afterwards or book him for a special act that combines Beatbox & Magic into one single act!

close-up magician dubai

About Kariem Ahmed

Kariem Ahmed is 29 years old, born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He’s a fulltime professional magician & beatboxer and travels the world performing his magic and beatbox skills to amaze people from all ages around the globe. Famous from the Dutch national TV programs “Holland’s got Talent” and “De magische winkel”. He even sold one of his magic effects to world famous illusionist Hans Klok. If you want to make your next upcoming event unforgettable and make a long lasting impression on your guests then book Kariem now!


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